Tomi is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Finland based in London. The spark for music was set way back at the age of 5, when treasure hunting in his grandparents’ basement ended up at his father’s old guitar with only two strings left. Ever since, little by little, music became more and more essential in his life. Back home in the snowy and dark north the possibilities for breaking on desired scale were not quite that ideal, so after doing his military service it was finally the right time to take a plane to London where he has now been living and playing his music for three years.


Feelings and emotions are strongly present and shown in Tomi’s life and music and you can get a peek of that through his lyrics. When it comes to the sound, Tomi’s heart has always beaten strongly for blues and describes his genre as pop/folk/blues –mix. He likes to think that pop is what attracts people’s attention but blues is the very soul and what sticks with you. This combined with meaningful lyrics delivered with true honesty is the recipe behind his songs and also the fundamental reason why he is able to connect with the crowds in such inherent and touching way over and over again.